Elder Shattering is a homebrew based on the Pathfinder game system. If no house rule is defined, all rules default Pathfinder.

Overall tone of the world is a dark, morally gray world. It is a low magic setting, technology level is an approximation of real earth renaissance. Players are encouraged to design characters using all books published by Paizo, however understand that your abilities are very rare. Magic whether arcane or divine is believed to be mere myth. Gun technology is emerging, though rare. It is not to the extent that armies are outfitted with muskets, but individual sidearms (Gunslinger) exist.

Elves dominant the political landscape, although still uncommon. Humans and Half-elves are freemen but remain second class citizenry even though they make the majority. Dwarfs and half-lings are rare. When seen civilized areas they are slaves. They do sometimes make up small clans in the wilderness.

House rules:

  • Abilities are rolled 4d6 keep 3 rearrange as desired.
  • HP are generated by level by rolling in front of the GM or opting to take the avg. Once you choose you are locked in to that method.
  • Benefits allow for you to add a 1d4 or reroll a check of any type. You start each session with one and earn more through good in character role play and creative solutions. This is strictly in the judgement of the GM, players should never argue whether something they did should be rewarded.
  • Some spells, although not defined at this moment will not be allowed.
  • Traditional magic items do not exist, there is a variance of item quality with mechanical differences applied.
Item Quality: Low (-1), Normal (0), Good (1), Artisan (3), Master (+4) .

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