Shattered Lands Broken Men

Game Session I

Crogan Longshank is the son of Craine and Ella Longshank. Craine is a veteran of the last great Gehan-Neven war, near 20 years ago, serving under Castor. Craine was awarded for his valor by grant of land ownership over the town of Laketon. The village is small, dependent on its own farming and fresh water fishing. Craine is of failing health.

Start: Day One
+ 0: Crogan is hunting with his friend, Loros the merchant’s son, when after tracking a white stag they are attacked by a brown bear. Loros is slain, before Crogan could react. Crogan skins the great bear’s hide to present with Loros’ body at Laketon.

+2: Crogan returns Loros body his father, only to learn that his own father is dead. Craine was well-respected, drawing a large crowd from the near 120 village populace.

+5: Following Craine’s funeral, Sir Donerak, Carnell, and his 7 (Weric, Branson, Delmon, Carter, Jaker, Radim, Ulsen) guardsmen visit to demand taxes or conscripts in its stead. Sir Donerak serves Crossing, the providence capitol and its lord, Jain. Crossing is calling its banners to support Eberhold and King Hacon, as the Gehan are attempting to rebuild its ruined keeps on the eastern front from the Great War. Tensions also remain high with a growing revolution. Crogan is commanded to enlist conscripts from his townspeople. He at great risks decides to limit it to one male per household between the ages of 14-40. At the Bella farm, the master of the house being too old, only had his 14 year old Jon to provide. Jon’s brother Jensen, was already a soldier, currently missing for two years. After listening to the pleas of the Bella elders, Crogan decided to spare Jon.



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