Shattered Lands Broken Men

Game Session II

+6: Crogan and company depart. The Laketon farmers are just that, more adept at handling pitchforks and scythes, none had a real weapon amongst them, except Crogan. In journey most of Donerak’s men are stand offish with the conscripts from Laketon. Donerak does not seem to like Crogan, observing Crogan’s attempt at leadership amongst the villagers as reaching to far over his standing. Crogan does befriend Weric; one of Donerak’s trusted seven.

+9: Nearing Wharveton, smoke is seen on the horizon. Donerak does not care, writing of Wharveton as none of his concern. Finally after Crogan and others insistence persist, Donerak gives in. Investigating Crogan and Donerak learn that the town was raided from the sea. Everyone slaughtered, all children missing.Embarr Colger is discovered there setting funeral pyre to honor his town’s folk near 300 corpses. Embarr is drunken and enraged in grief, his wife is amongst the dead and his son’s, Josa and Bacom among the missing. He was traveling when the attack occurred, arriving at home only to discover what had happened. After he is disturbed from his drunken nightmare, he accuses Donerak and the others of being culpable. Embarr is subdued and taken captive, his grief and rage do not subside. He is bound for the rest of the journey. Crogan and Weric make a few to the wagon he is restrained in, only to find sober Embarr acting out as a rat in cage. His anger at its height he will not speak rationally to any of the caravan. He does request whiskey, when denied the fit of rage proceeds anew.

+ 21: While on the march to Crossing, the caravan is ambushed by 40 rebels. Donerak and Crogan prove formidable, too much for the revolutionaries. Only 10 men are lost despite the lack of training and proper weapons. The only rebel that survived is Jensen, the eldest Bella son, who wasn’t MIA it turns out. He was merely turncoat to the revolution. Jensen is taken captive and shares a wagon with Embarr.



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