Shattered Lands Broken Men

Game Session III

+35: They arrive at Crossing. Embarr and Jensen are jailed in the stockades. The conscripts are dispersed to settle throughout the tent city of nearly 2,000 soldiers in training.

+36: Training begins. Crogan is instructed from with the main training grounds. The men there are from all over. Evaluations take place as they run through drills. Crogan attempts to display his Archery skill as a test amongst his fellows in camp. He suffers a close defeat to the hands of a hunter conscripted out of Respo. Later, Master of Arms Jahndreal, speaks to the new arrivals. Crogan learns that in the spring he and his fellow conscripts will be shipped off to Eberhold. The winter will offer the best lee time, as the mountain passes in to Eberhold will be impossible even for the single traveler more less a legion of Gehan soldiers coming down from the continent. War is expected to breakout again with the Gehan, no one seems to put too much thought into the growing revolution, at least publicly.

+66: After a month of training Crogan makes quite the impression. Jahndreal the MAA of Crossing summons him to quarters. Jahndreal is a veteran of the Great War, a general actually. Jahndreal learns from Crogan that Crogan’s father is from Norfast and he served under the Ghost of the Mountain. Jahndreal marks that Crogan’s fighting style is more common with those of Eberhold, not from Norfast, were his father was raised. Jahndreal offers Crogan officer’s commission, then goes on to relate tales of the Great War. Including the tale of the Mountain pass, were Castor earned his name. Further, he repeats whispers, suggesting that the King murdered those that attended the Queen’s memorial service at the temple in Seasee near Seamarch. He opines that even though the revolution has run hot and cold since the war, he is more concerned about that then any effort of the Gehan to rebuild old fortifications.

+70: During training Crogan sees a robed figure speaking with Embarr at the stockades. That eve on liberty with Weric, they are approached by that same figure, whom turns out to be a woman named Raquel. Raquel requests that Crogan met her at another location to discuss a proposition. Crogan meets her, finding her uncle, Magister Elman, the lead advisor to Lord of Crossing, Jain. He has a task that requires great discretion. He wants Crogan and Weric to break out Embarr from the stockades and to deliver him to his personal estate 15 stones south of the city. Elman explains that he would request Lord Jain release him to his self, but he cannot risk him declining. Crogan and Weric agree to do so, Elman recommends seeking entrance to a tunnel system used by some of the thief gangs in Crossing.



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