Shattered Lands Broken Men

Game Session V

+87: 14 days on the road east the party comes to the town of Spring. The name coming from the hot spring contained with in town. They decide to restock and rest here for a few days. Weric is excited, as he knows Spring is famous with wealthy travelers for its luxuries. Skylar will not enter the town with Rhead, as he knows the strain of too many people near him can have. He will set a camp with the wagon a couple of miles out of town. Raquel attends them to assist with set up and plans to join Crogan and the rest in town later that day.

Crogan and company enter through the town gates and head to the stables. Once there they are confronted with a vicious looking man who attacks them with huge great sword. Crogan and company defeat him. In the attached house they find the stable owner. He tells them that the man that attacked him was named Vilnin. Vilnin had been torturing him and is part of a group that raided the town a fortnight past. They have run amok taken whatever they wanted from the city. They slaughtered the guard and have tortured anyone who showed the courage to stop them. The gang was nearly 50 men strong in total but other are worse than the rest. Galyn is the leader. Pilanor, wears a green cloak, he spends most of the time in the church when he is not taking from the village. Burl spends most of his time in the tavern; he is biggest man he may have ever seen. The Jackal scares him the most; he has taken residence in a house where he sleeps with his pets.

The group head to the inn, there they find five henchmen. A fight breaks out when Crogan and company refuse to explain themselves. After it concludes the inn keeper tells the group much the same thing as the stable owner. He also mentions Pilanor’s piousness, and suggests that someone speak to the Priest at the church, Feldryk. The whores at the inn have small scratches all over there body, caused by the Jackal and all his animals. They offer Crogan all the gold they have left to kill him. Crogan agrees but first the group decides in needs to attempt to rest. They are lead to a hidden entry to the attic to do so.

Their rest is interrupted, when outside they hear a commotion from the street. The group runs out to see 10 men surrounding a woman. The woman is Raquel and she is trying to fight off her would be rapists. Battle breaks out, the party quickly taking out the thugs. They retreat back to the inn to attempt to mend more.

They are again interrupted with noise, this time from down stairs. The inn keeper has been murdered presumably for not giving up the location of Crogan and company. A party confronts the Jackal and his five pets, actual jackals.

After defeating the Jackal the group heads to the tavern to face Burl. There they are confronted by six more henchmen before Burl joins the fight. A naked man jumps into the fight later as well; presumably he was partaking in other activities upstairs.

Crogan then heads to the church. Leaving the church they see a man in a green cloak who. Inside they see a priest and a bodyguard. Raquel notices that the church is decorated in a multitude of different often contradicting religious themes. The priest leads them upstairs to Feldryk, whom asks the party to kill Galyn and retrieve a valuable necklace and ring to him. He tells them that Galyn is located in the former elder’s house not too far away. He is asked about the décor of the church and states that he welcomes all types here in celebration of religion and that it honors all of the guest that come to Spring.

At the elder’s house the party found six of Galyn’s men dead downstairs. Upstairs Galyn is dead with another four men, all seem to be poisoned.

Returning to the church, the priest instructs the party that Feldryk is unavailable. Crogan goes upstairs anyway. There they locate a hidden entry all the way down to the basement. In the basement Feldryk is there with Pilanor. Feldryk tells Crogan that he turned Pilanor from his path of misdeeds and Pilanor liberated Spring from its captives. He thanks Crogan and his group for their assistance with the others. Feldryk suggest that they see the town apothecary for medicine to help with their injuries.

Crogan and company head to the Apothecary. They are offered potions, when a thud is heard from the back. In the back the bodyguard from the church is seen tying up a man that seems like the apothecary. The man out front is now recognized as the priest from the church. A fight ensues, with Crogan and company killing both.

They head back to the church were they confront Feldryk and Pilanor just as they were about to depart. Feldryk confesses that while he nothing to do with Galyn and company, he was exploiting the town and the tithes received from the church. He was a con, no priest at all. Crogan and company defeat both of them.

The people of Spring are greatly appreciative to be liberated from their tormentors. The deceased inn keeper was building a residence on the south side of town. The town offers to use some of the money recover from Feldryk to complete the construction and giving the property to Crogan.




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