Shattered Lands Broken Men

Game Session VI

+88: Party is back on the road. Rhead unveils to Crogan that he believes Nom has been abducting children to “form” them as he did to himself. This is what has most likely happened to Embarr’s children at Wharveton. Rhead expresses that despite Crogan and the others prowess, it wont help if what he believes is true. How does one fight those that can manifest the mind. There is great risk, but Rhead offers to “form” Crogan. Crogan agrees, Rhead begins instructing Crogan in mind-bending (psionics).

There are three checks fr success:

Knowledge: To learn the concept. (INT)
Failure penalty: None, can never attempt that skill again.

Possession: To find the energy required from within oneself. (CHR)
Failure penalty: None, can never attempt that skill again.

Control: To find the willpower to control the power. (WIS)
Failure penalty: Results in one permanent loss of a HP. Three consecutive failures or five lifetime results in loss of a constitution point. The skill can be used, but with uncertain effects and penalties applied as previously outlined.

Crogan succeeds in learning knacks, Def Precog, minor metaphysical weapon. He failed in constriction and bite of the wolf.

+100: The party arrives at Rivmon. Skylar, Rhead, and Raquel make camp a couple of miles outside the city. Weric will gather supplies. Embarr will drink at the tavern. Jensen is going to meet contacts. The city is bustling with activity. A tournament begins in two days to commemorate the Joramon, lord of Rivmon’s wedding. The award to the victor is a sword sworn to be amongst the finest crafted. Crogan registers to compete. A young boy, Cassal, interjects to be his squire. Barding will be required for his horse as will arms panted on his shield. The squire will assist him. That night he is jumped by an assassin named Poppel, sent by Pestilence. Shoo is the leader of Pestilence that sent Poppel. He is in Ridgetown.
+102: First day of the tourney, Crogan has two matches. He defeats Serwin, unhorsing him on his first pass. He later defeats Warren, unhorsing him on his second pass.

+103: Second day of tourny, Crogan defeats Lorno. With Crogan up two lances to one, he unhorses the champion Lorno. Crogan utilized psionic power missive and Def Precog to gain a slight advantage. As champion, Crogan, is awarded the prize sword by Lady Ema, he names it Flame.



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