Shattered Lands Broken Men

Game Session VIII

Returning via ferry from Ridgetown the companions are somber. Skylar is fuming, although he does not put words to it. His apprentice of 10 years, whom he has known since she was three years old is dead. Crogan continues his power meditation with Rhead. Upon return to the ferry dock, Jensen explains that they will be cutting through the mountains eastward.

After six days of traveling, following making camp and bed for the night, all the companions wake up in a foreign place, in a building of sorts. Rhead is not there. They have all their possessions. The structure is not of any make any of them had seen before. The walls are made of a smokey ice mixed with a solid substance. Crogan can best identify it as looking infused with bluish energy, almost like the manifestations he has accomplished with his own power. When he touches the walls the blue light reacts a bit, but not to any of his other companions touch. The room in a shape of a circle, does not contain an outside wall. The grade of the floor slopes in that direction. From the ledge it appears to be near 200 feet to the ground. Crogan sees blood stains on the floor and the exterior wall going down.

In the distance, there seems to be a huge camp. It is impossible to say for sure, but by the size of the sprawl it may be close to 25,000 strong. Crogan also noticed flashes of shadows in the sky. He is not able to make out any detail in the quickness of the moment.

The inner wall contains an unlocked door, that leads to a spiral staircase down to the another level. On that floor there is an identical “cell” this one locked. Jensen unlocks it unveiling three children age 10-14 near motionless. Physically they appear unharmed, they are pale and suffer from patchy balding. They are horrified, and respond to nothing that is said to them. Crogan offers food which they take, but no other response is given. The party leaves them with the door open. On the next level it is the same. Here Crogan attempts to push a child harder for a response. The child backs away even more fearful. Crogan uses “Missive” to calm the child, telling him he is his friend. The intrusion into the boys mind is to much for him. He jumps out of the tower opening to his death. The party leaves this room the same as the other. There are two such level as this until they reach the ground floor, that opens to a long hall to the rest of the fortress.

Embarr is distraught he fears this may be the fate of his two boys.

They come to a large room containing 18 benches and eight psions working on their subjects. The party positions itself for battle with out soliciting any reaction or notice of any kind. Jensen strikes first to which the Psions then defend themselves. In the heat of the battle Crogan does not notice to they are nearly victorious that the Psions themselves are merely adolescents themselves no older than 13 or 14 years old. Following the battle the 18 subjects remain unconscious. Embarr searches amongst the psions and the subjects for his sons to no no avail. Crogan unbinds them, then leaves them be, remembering the last encounter in the cell. During this, two armed people on patrol enter the room and exit out another way. Neither stopped or seemed to notice the companions intruding upon there space.

To be continued…



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