Eber is a peninsula off of the continent of Gehan. The continent named for its imperial people. Eber is largely geographically isolated due to the Eber Mountain range that separates it from the main continent, the only passage going through the heavily fortified city of Eberhold. Eber is divided in four providences.


Eberhold is the heavily fortified city nestled in the Eber Mountains that guard the peninsula from the Gehan continent. It is the Nations capitol, serving as the royal seat of the Neven line.
Cities: Eberhold


To the north, the icecap encroaches from the sea on the coast, Norfast resides as the capitol nestled between the coast and the northern mountains. It provides base for the many mining companies digging through the Northern range.

Cities: Norfast, Higurd, Rivmon, Spring


In the central, is Crossing, gaining its name from the crossing deltas of the Eber and Norf River. The deltas leave behind fertile land in the spring, allowing Crossing to provide much of the realms food needed to withstand the harsh winters.

Cities: Crossing, Respo, Huton, Laketon


In the south is Seamarch, was once of great importance when the Gehan reigned. It provided shipping off of the peninsula to the main continent. Now Seamarch provides blockade to any invaders by sea. The Nevenease, being largely self-providing, do not allow trade with outsiders. They are conditioned to be xenophobic by their natural isolation and history with Gehan.

Cities: Seamarch, Seesea, Famtiln


To the East are small freemen cities that line the eastern shore.

Cities: Sepike, Freton, Wharveton, Samon


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